Child sponsorship is an exciting journey of transformation—for the child - -  you're helping to enhance the qualities within the children by providing education and giving confidence in them setting goals for themselves, and for you, the donor, the supporter, the provider, — what an opportunity to help develop and mold our future leaders! A donation to any one or more of these projects will enable us to offer the following to our children:


-                      Providing support for quality education

-                      Tutor/Teacher Mentoring

-                      Coaching: Life Skills and Personality Development for our Growing Leaders for the future

-                      Reading Material – adding to the library

-                      Art Classes: by providing for a child to express themselves through ART

-                      Music Classes: Learning to play various musical instruments


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Ash Wednesday 2011

Members and friends of the Joy Of Youth (JOY) Committee visited the Walkers Place of Safety on Ash Wednesday, 2011 to again add cheer to the lives of the children there.  It was discovered from the first visit (Christmas, 2010) that the Home was lacking in sufficient seating facilities for the staff and children.  Donations were sought and we were able to successfully provide 12 folding chairs, floor cushions and one wheelchair along with other miscellaneous items.  It was an exhilarating experience observing the joy on the faces of the children who willingly assisted with unpacking the chairs and other gifts.  Some exclaimed “We have hotel chairs!” while others cuddled the floor cushions. The caregivers also expressed sincere thanks on behalf of the children.


Library Programme- Maxfield Park Children Home

Library Programme

Library Programme - Maxfield Park Children's Home 

JOY Foundation donated over 300 books to the Maxfield Park Children's Home.  The Foundation thanks Miss Sandra Daley and Miss Nadia Badley, final year students from the University of the West Indies who have assisted with setting up the library at the Maxfield Park  Home and continue to give voluntary service there. Plans are being made to assist the children with reading for even one hour per week.
Joy Foundation thanks you, our donors for your contribution of
 new and used books for children.