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Please contact the Executive Director if you are interested in volunteering with fundraising for any projects and or upcoming events for the organization.

We invite you to please consider donating towards our continued efforts in fundraising for the children of Jamaica and look forward to your support. In our quarterly newsletters, other projects that we receive requests from will be listed and we welcome any projects/programs that you have in mind to support as well.

Thank you for your continued support - it is very much appreciated by us all. Each donor will receive an update on the progress of the project and the children they have supported.

Thank You for the support that you have given to our mission to add cheer to the children and caregivers at the Walkers Place of Safety. Even though we had not made a formal appeal for help with this venture, your response through the outpouring of support has certainly made these children and their caregivers even happier. "Just a little help can go a far way to make someone's day."

Let us put our minds together and see what future we can build for our children.


V aluable is the work you do.
Outstanding is how you always come through.
Loyal, sincere and full of good cheer.
Untiring in your efforts throughout the year .
otable are the contributions you make
Trustworthy in every project you take.
Eager to reach your every goal.
Effective in the way you fulfill your role.
Ready with a smile like a shining star.
Special and wonderful - that's what you are.